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Quality is the mainstay of our business model. Ours is an undying, never-fading commitment to quality and innovation.

Extensive research helps us identify any and all requirements. We undertake a thorough market study, which enables us to design products of desired functionality with efficacy. We find and source the best-quality ingredients from credible suppliers, genuine and duly certified, from the best of regions like Japan. Our products are made with great care and compassion. The final output is rigorously tested for quality and results.

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Our Products

Hi Life Organic Period Pads

Hi Life Organic Period Pads are perfectly soft sanitary pads thoughtfully designed to support you during your period days & nights, for all kinds of flow: heavy, medium, or low. Use of GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton, double airlaid technology, magic holes, and honeycomb structure make these rash-free, exceptionally-absorbing, leak-proof sanitary pads fit for both day and night. Each of the ultra-comfort pads comes with a biodegradable disposal bag.

As is widely advised, to ensure proper hygiene, a sanitary pad, also Hi Life Organic Period Pad, should be changed every 4-6 hours.

Each Hi Life Organic Period Pad comes in a biodegradable sanitary pad disposal bag, which makes it easy to discard and safe for the environment.

Take out the Hi Life organic cotton period pad. Put the soiled menstrual pad in the bag. Remove the strip on top of the flap. Seal and dispose in the bin.

We are making sincere efforts to further the Red Dot initiative to contain the exposure of sanitary workers and waste pickers to a slew of health hazards. Kicked off by Pune’s SWaCH waste pickers’ cooperative and PMC, the Red Dot program is aimed at improving the way we dispose of sanitary waste. It is to sensitize people to the problems faced by waste pickers who, perforce, need to handle this waste.

Yes, Hi Life Organic Period Pad Disposal Bag is biodegradable.

Intimate Spray

Zinc Gluconate is the active ingredient of Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray.

Hi Life Intimate Spray for women is 100% safe for the human body, as verified by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Its active ingredient is Zinc gluconate, which is the zinc salt of gluconic acid. It is 100% alcohol-free, as attested by Halal Certification Committee of Japan Islamic Trust.

You may use Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray any number of times. It is a convenient and oh-so safe feminine hygiene spray. Spray on your intimate area after bath, whenever you pee, even during periods. Also before and after sex.

Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray is a no-wipe intimate spray. There is no need to wipe off the area after application. Leave it on and carry on.

No, you do not need a doctor’s prescription for Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray. It is a daily intimate hygiene spray. Though it is advised to consult a doctor in case you are experiencing some vaginal problems.

Hi Life Silica Drops

Silica, also called silicon dioxide, a compound of the two most abundant elements in Earth’s crust, silicon and oxygen, is the third most abundant trace element in the human body after iron and zinc. It is a clinically-studied trace mineral that our body requires to maintain proper health. An ever-growing body of research has demonstrated the importance of silicon in collagen production; immune response modulation; hair, skin, and nails upkeep, as well as bone mineralization.

Hi Life Silica Drops is a highly concentrated, ionized solution of Silica along with Sodium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, and Lithium. Its high bioavailability makes it super silica drops. It is a multi-action mineral supplement for beauty, body, and brain.

According to the American regulatory agency, silicon oxides and various silicates are classified as substances ‘generally recognized as safe’. Furthermore, ionized Silica is clinically-studied to be safe.

Silica is the third most abundant trace element in the human body after iron and zinc. The way collagen production slows from around the age of 21, silica does too. Although significant quantities of silicon are present in some foods, sometimes it is presented in an insoluble form and cannot be directly absorbed. Women in their early 30s should look to start taking silica.

Multi-Layered Protective Masks

Our masks offer superior protection with anti-bacterial double meltblown filter layers and anti-particle hot wind cotton filter layer. Every breath you take will be ultra-refined.

The various certifications and accreditation in the name of our manufacturing facilities, systems and products, include the Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) Certification of Registration, Conformité Européene or European Conformity (CE) Marking. CNAS certification for 95% efficacy.

No, these masks are non-washable.

Yes, the masks are reusable. You can use them for up to 7 days.

Apart from providing protection against viruses, (due to double melt-blown filter layers) it also provides safety against vehicular emissions, aerosols, dust particles, water droplets, pollen grains, smog, & haze (due to hot wind cotton filter layer).

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It depends on the nature of modification, say a change of delivery address might entail additional shipping cost.

Depending upon the order and address for delivery, you will be notified the lead time of delivery in real time at the time of placing an order.

We send you a specific communication, both at the time of dispatch and delivery. You can review the status of your orders and other related tracking information at one place under your account information.

Once your order is shipped, you will see a “Track” button alongside the specific order details. You will also be notified of a tracking link via SMS. In some rare cases, our courier partner takes upto 12 hours to activate the tracking link.

Our products being hygiene and well-being essentials do not qualify for return once opened. However, in select cases such as upon delivery of a tampered package or in case of damage in transit, a customer may seek an exchange. The customer in such a case is required to substantiate the receipt of a damaged/tampered package.

Our products being hygiene and well-being essentials are not eligible for return once opened.

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Hi Life App

Hi Life app allows you to order thoughtfully-designed, well-liked Hi Life products conveniently on the go. It also comes with a period tracker to track your menstrual cycle.

Feed in the necessary details about your last period, average menstrual cycle, and get notified about your upcoming period.

Yes, it is possible to pause and skip reminders at the touch of a button.


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Subscription will make things easier for you. You don’t need to buy the product every time but rather we will get it delivered at your doorstep.

We provide very flexible options when it comes to subscribing customized products. Just pick products of your choice along with the quantity and choose the duration.

Yes it will be renewed automatically as per your original settings. However, you can change your preferences in your profile.

You can simply go to your profile and click edit or add address option. From there you will be able to make the changes.

Unfortunately, there is no such option available with us as of now.

No, you wouldn’t be charged for cancelling your subscription.